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Innovation Developments - Aemyrie & InDev

Aemyrie & InDev

The Setup

Aemyrie wanted something impressive, something heroic, something to redefine the outdoor cooking market and be known as the the premium name in luxury catering.

"I want something that makes all other cooking experiences obsolete." - Peter Walsh

The Brief

Design & develop a wood fire grilling system using the highest quality parts to offer a personalised, world class service. The customers should be proud to own an Aemyrie grill. They should feel like they have bought something truely special.

Stages Completed

  • - Design audit
  • - Concept development
  • - Detail design
  • - Design for manufacture (DFM)
  • - Protoyping
  • - Instructional manual
  • - Brochure design
modelled parts
rendered images
bespoke designs so far
feature publications
with mainstream media
Innovation Developments | Aemyrie Design & Development

Design & Development

Concept Development

Developing a strategically and technically driven concept resolving the construction and refining the aesthetic. Fundamental function is completely resolved and core component positioning finalised.

Detail Design

Adding fine detail to every part and assembly to ensure it is modelled to industry standard design expectations and procedure. At this point the CAD is ready to derive engineering drawings from to receive first stage feedback and quotations from qualified and carefully selected vendors.

Stationary Design

Document design to support Aemyrie prior to and during launch. Providing product stationary to meet and exceed industry expecation, allowing the team to sell and promote confidently and for the customer to feel reasured in the quality of service they receive.

Innovation Developments | Prototype


Innovation Develpoments | Aemyrie 360

Aemyrie 360

spin the model

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