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Innovation Developments - Solio & InDev

Solio & InDev

The Setup

Solio required a fully developed strategy to bring the idea to life. Not only was this a new product but it had the opportunity, done correctly, to create a completely new market sector and expand to an established range.

The Brief

Design & develop a product underpinned by brand strength and versatility. A solar powered charging unit to be compact, light and useful for multiple portable devices with the ability to extend to a full range.

Stages Completed

  • - Concept generation
  • - Concept development
  • - Electronic development
  • - Design for manufacture (DFM)
  • - Request for quotation (RFQ)
  • - Supply chain aquisition
million products sold
design & product awards for
the Solio range
product ranges
million dollar comany
valuation in 5 years
Innovation Developments | Solio Design & Development

Design & Development

Concept Generation

Creating the base form and geometry. Defining a shape and technical assembly which could feasibly represent the core product values and associate with the proposed brand.

Concept Development

Developing the construction and aesthetic values to better represent a commercial product representative of a manufacturable product. Fleshing out the chosen design with a supporting product range for future evolution.

Detain Design

Adding fine detail to the CAD models to ensure they meet industry expectations for manufacture; finalising internal component location and complete understanding of the strategy moving forward for all SKUs in this product range.

Innovation Developments | Prototype


>> Innovation Developments | Prototype


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