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About Us

Welcome to Innovation Developments, the best place to bring your ideas to market.

We believe that industry leading intellectual property, design, investment and manufacturing should be available to everyone whether you are a member of public or a business.

As a result of over 20 years’ experience working with clients globally we have developed a range of services and resources specifically to maximise potential by robustly developing ideas and opportunities allowing our clients to launch their business quickly, efficiently and most importantly cost effectively.

We combine our in-house resources with services from our partner businesses providing the right advice and support when it's needed.
We are the hub of a collaborative group formed around the belief that anyone can build a successful business which all starts with a great idea and the right team to make it happen.

INDEV Design. IP. Commercialise. Invest. Manufacture. Brand Identity.

Innovation Developments | What We Do

What we do

Design and Develop

develop Our range of design services has been proven at all points of the market from consumer products through military applications and blue-chip corporate product launches.

The InDev service provision is modular allowing us to create a bespoke design process specifically for your needs and keeping your capital expenditure to a minimum, unlike some other companies who may insist on stages that aren't necessary for your project.
You'll be guided through each stage of the development process tailoring the most appropriate route to target your commercial goals.
Each InDev designer is an experienced, passionate professional or expert in their field. We do not employ recent graduates or interns to run live projects as they do not have the necessary training, experience or capabilities to service your future business. Each project is managed by one or more of our senior team ensuring a robust and mature approach to your design.
We do however encourage graduates and interns to work internally with us to learn from qualified and competent senior team members ensuring they receive versatile, detailed and comprehensive training to aid them in their education and progression.



Project Management

ip protection We invest ourselves completely with every project allowing us to give your idea the spotlight.

Each project is carefully managed by an experienced member of the InDev team who will continually assess to ensure it maintains focus and momentum; getting the right people and assets onboard as and when they are required.
We charge ourselves to support you through each interaction, conversation and procedure to ensure transparency and continuity throughout.
This is an important commitment for you, it should be for us too.


Protect and Commercialise

Invest We pride ourselves at InDev in providing our clients with world class design services.

We are experts in our field and are confident in our ability to deliver everything we say we can to unconditionally and honestly support your project.
To maintain this level of commitment and responsibility we do not, unlike some other design firms, offer any inhouse service provision which falls outside the remit of our professional capabilities and education. This would only slow us down and build barriers to your success.
Instead we have partnered with dedicated professionals at the top of their respective global industries so that while we focus on designing your product, they are able to service your needs, subsequently meaning you receive a strategically and risk managed process thus giving you the best traction in taking your product to market.
We work hand in hand with our Intellectual Property, Accounting and Investment partners to bring you a seamless and concrete platform to work from.
Read our partners section to find out more.



Branding As important as the design of your product is the brand that launches it.

It is essential to position yourself with a commanding identity that rallies around the design itself, underpinning each and every value that your product stands for.
As a result, we offer a range of brand generation and development stages that embody industry leading graphic design and branding services at prices that make sense.



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Innovation Developments | Partners



InDev has allied with professionals across multiple industries to offer a robust and highly dynamic service from the best of the best to execute the IP and commercial requirements of every project.



Intellectual Property

ip protection A core tool in building a business is the understanding of intellectual property.

Rather than offering these services ourselves as some other second-rate consultancies do who claim to "help inventors"; we work closely with one of the world’s best Patent Houses exclusively as a part of our service provision, offering their support at a price lower than any credible patent house globally.



Invest One of the greatest challenges of building a new business is finding the money to do so.

We work closely with leading angel networks and members of the investment community to speed up the process of gaining the assets you require. As experts in the field of investing and mentoring inventors and start-up businesses they can help you maintain momentum and bring your business to market quickly while reducing your financial risk.
This runs in parallel with our managed design services providing you the greatest opportunity to hit your strategic goals and bring your product to market.


Contract Manufacture

Commercialise The ability to manufacture a product and the character of that manufacture is core to its value regardless of how the product is to be commercialised.

At InDev, we have taken over 20 years to build a reliable and trustworthy team of vendors who have proven themselves time and time again through quality, process and capability. To maximise this, we work closely with our network to efficiently begin manufacturing your product.
Design strategy is more important than the ability to use our factories, so we also work to find an appropriate alternative global vendor if there aren't any members of our group who are able to help.
This is not about tying you into our services. This is empowering you with the very best tools and flexibility to bring your product to market and being there to support that.




Commercialise Building a business is ultimately about making money.

In order to ensure you receive the maximum benefit of the support offered by national funding initiatives as well as private investment it is essential to set-up a business and account for all expenditure correctly.
InDev accounting partners have been trading since 1876 and specialise in working with inventors and start-up businesses who can set up your business for you for only £1!



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