Developed partnership network


Quality and expertise at every stage

We take the approach that every project is unique, and a uniform design service does not always fit the bill. Being flexible with each project is one of the features that makes Innovation Developments stand out from the crowd, aside from creating quality work every time. This, we feel should extend into all industry stages that are required to a get a product or service to market and only the very best work should be considered going forward.

We do not believe in saying we provide services that we are incapable of providing. Instead, connecting with industry professionals at the highest level and working alongside them on behalf of our clients gives everyone the best chance of success and ultimately value for their money.

The is where ID connect come in.

A global network

ID Connect is a network of outstanding company partners both in the UK and abroad that together bring the best possible service to our clients. With the exceptional expertise and skill base that each company brings, we can fulfill all aspects of getting a product or service to market with a level of quality that you just don’t get anywhere else. Each partner company is at the top of their respective field which is why this network is a game changer for businesses looking for a fully managed service which results in a top-quality offering across all sectors.

Each partner company within the ID network is at the top of their respective field, giving our clients the best possible service throughout their bespoke route to market. As every project and client requirements are different, the network covers all industry sectors:


Product, web, packaging, branding and more.

Marketing & PR

Product, web, packaging, branding and more.


Optimised solutions.


Protection, patenting and more.


Account setup & book keeping.


Seed finance.

Innovation Developments manages all partners for continuity

We as a partnership can meet any project requirement that is thrown at us and deliver to incomparably high standards.  Each partner has an excellent track record within their industry’s sector and with a single central management team, the engagement with said companies is streamlined. This allows us to bring the best people in early on to ensure that at every stage, each process is being considered, cutting costs and time frames to market.

By utilising the ID Connect program, this enable projects to maintain a consistent drive behind all its generated assets, giving our clients the best possible offering and route to market.