Innovation Developments - Product Delivery

Delivering the product

From design to product

We work hand in hand with the chosen vendors to make sure your product is made to spec and gets to your customer.

With over 20 years of experience working with a global team of vendors and manufacturers, we are perfectly positioned to get our clients projects manufactured and shipped to their final destinations where ever they need to be around the world.

Planning and logistics play a huge role in the process and our clients rely on us and our expertise to make the right decisions at the right time to hit strategic and commercial targets; delivering the final vital part of another successful story.

team work

It’s in the detail

Every project is assessed and carefully considered for who will be the best people to manufacture, assemble and ship each project.

Meticulous assessments are carried out by our team to carefully audit everyone we work with to build a foundation of trust and confidence so that we know that what we ask for is delivered, exactly as planned.

Making sure we work with the best people.

Closely making sure the product is being made to spec.

Overseeing all suppliers and manufacturers to ensure a smooth production process.

Seeing it all the way through

Our designers and project managers work with manufacturers and assembly teams at every stage of a project to ensure the correct procedures are being adhered to.

Working this way ensures that if there are any problems or changes that need to be made, they can happen quickly and efficiently with minimal effect on the overall project.

Innovation Developments - Factory Audit

Working directly with the factory workers to resolve any real time issues.

Calculating the most efficient way to layout packaging procedure to save time and money.

Getting product safely from factory to customers.

Innovation Developments - Logistics

It’s not over until the product reaches your customer.

When the product rolls of the factory floor, we provide logistics solutions to suit each company’s approach. It all depends what makes the most strategic sense, and we are there to make sure finished, assembled and packaged product is safely and profitably delivered around the world to regional distribution centres or direct to the customers door.

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