By applying our commercial and market sector experience, we help our clients create successful, innovative and highly profitable businesses.

Design & Develop

We provide end to end design services, providing our clients with the support they need no matter how far down the design development process they are.


We have an established vendor network both in the UK and in Asia for all our clients requirements.

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Working alongside VC's today to create the businesses of tomorrow.

We add value to investment opportunities by strategically assessing and recommending enhancements to proposals or existing businesses, allowing more potential for greater profit and market saturation. By working closely with our network of VC's, our clients have a unique opportunity to gain further funding for future stages of work or expanding their business to the next level.



We pitched to InDev with our initial concept, a solar rechargeable mobile phone back in 2001. InDev strategically evolved and developed the idea from drawing to the first portable solar charger commercially available anywhere in the world; literally the first as at the time, this sector of the industry did not exist. Within 18 months we had gained investment, undertaken supply chain acquisition, designed, developed and manufactured the products and landed our first orders with Motorola. Over the following 5 years we brought a series of new products to market and relocated to California where we were valued at over $35m all as a result of working closely with InDev.

We started working with InDev about a year ago when we needed design-to-manufacture support for our line of health trackers. The team have redesigned our products to be manufacture-ready which are not only incredibly beautiful, but also have been brilliantly thoughtout to make them more cost-efficient at both small and large scales. When we work with people, we look for creativity, passion, and intuition in addition to expertise. Innovation Developments know the ins and outs of manufacture and design, but importantly, adds that little inexplicable something that turns "great" into "incredible".

We had an idea and a concept, and by working with Innovation Developments, it has evolved into an amazing creation that is imminently about to come to life. The final design, thanks to the team, has gone way beyond what we could alone have envisaged. We've had a great deal of advice, including direction for patents and trademarks. We now have a relationship to enable the product to be manufactured and the team have gone above and beyond our expectations to always be available for us. The team have been personable and professional, knowledgeable and committed to deliver nothing short of the best. We are looking forward to the long partnership we have ahead as our exciting new product evolves.

I was fortunate enough to become involved with InDev in 2014 and very soon realised the scope and aptitude of their expertise and extensive knowledge within the design industry. Their insight and understanding to take an idea through product development to production including methods, costs and routes to market is unique. Indev have produced exceptional marketing visuals as well as financial and IP advice. Inventing a product is one thing, making it work as a viable business is quite another, though thanks the team, Nubbit is now ready to go.

As a dentist, dental hygiene products have troubled me for over 10 years. I decided that there was a need for change and brought my idea to Innovation Developments. Having met David and the team, I can honestly say I've never met such down to earth guys who need little explanation and just seems to get it. I'm hugely impressed with the support and depth of knowledge and feel confident in all the work being carried out.