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Press Release: How To Disrupt An Industry Sector

Innovation Developments - Aemyrie

Press Release: How To Disrupt An Industry Sector

Innovation Developments (, or InDev as they’re affectionately known, a unique London based product design and business development consultancy, are, alongside their clients, disrupting previously lifeless industry sectors.


“In a time when everything feels like it has already been designed, the question that we ask ourselves when looking at new product ideas is, does this market space have a changing trend that we can design into or has it all already been done and there is nowhere innovative to go. This is when things get interesting and disruption is required” says Managing Director of Innovation Developments, David Fowler.


Aemyrie – Grill

A great example of this is the Aemyrie Wood Fired Grill ( The Hampshire based business started out to produce a luxurious barbeque and having had work unsuccessfully completed elsewhere, they came to InDev.


The outdoor cooking market is vast with 70% of the population in the US owning a grill or smoker,* however, the product sector is overwhelmingly saturated and could be perceived as slightly mundane as most grills and smokers look painfully similar and do very little to differentiate themselves from the pack.


InDev carried out a commercial creative audit to assess the design opportunities and where the potential of the idea lay. Extensive research was undertaken to strategically assess the market and demographic, to see how this territory had evolved over time.


The results deemed that the most profitable path would be a disruptive one. A risk managed strategy was set in place to plan the design direction and the path of the business. This streamlines the process from idea to shelf, ensuring that all stages have a clear end goal, to create a profitable business that has the potential to grow if required.


The design changed dramatically in both function and aesthetic as it developed, making it a game changing product rather than blending with existing commercial offerings. Incorporating key design functions that artisan chefs would be proud to own and use, Aemyrie sets the bar high and welcomes others to challenge them for the top spot.



With mounting concerns over the UK position post Brexit, Aemyrie’s core drivers include manufacture in the UK. Not only does this give the brand the patriotic and long admired British stamp but it underpins the business core values, making it easier to manage and creating work for local businesses.


This product shouts sophistication from the roof tops with bespoke finishes and configurations ensuring product longevity, creating a sense of ownership and making this the gift you can buy for that someone who has everything.


Innovation Developments ( is based around a network of companies both in the UK and abroad, to bring the best possible service to their clients. “We do not believe in saying we provide services that we are incapable of providing” says David, “we think that connecting with industry professionals at the highest level and working alongside them on behalf of our clients gives everyone the best chance of success and ultimately value for their money.”


All design work is done in house which allows the design process to be streamlined rather than broken up into segments and dealing with unconnected companies for different services such as graphics or packaging. In the case of Aemyrie, the product design, graphics, brochure and website visuals were all generated by InDev which helped maintain a consistent drive behind all its generated assets.


Innovation is still very much relevant; however, disruption should never be disregarded as it can help to push projects and clients forward, making them stand out in an otherwise potentially monotone landscape.






If you would like to find out more about Innovation Developments and how we can help you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.