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Press Release: Designing The Toothbrush You Actually Want


Press Release: Designing The Toothbrush You Actually Want

Product design and business development firm, Innovation Developments (, based in central London, are working with dental start up Dentii to transform toothbrush design and the way consumers engage with their oral hygiene routine.


According to the University of Manchester, UK, the average toothbrush can contain 10 million bacteria or more*.  As an answer to this, a brush head concept is being considered that could be changed more often, ideally daily or weekly, to eliminate the chance of contamination. This prompted an ecological question. Due to a rise in heads per person, there will be a large increase in the volume of potential waste.


Environmental impact is being widely publicised. As designers, InDev think that is it crucial for everyone to do what they can to minimise impact, reduce waste and to start changing the throw away culture that has become the everyday norm. “Design plays a vital role in altering the way people interact with materials and the environment” says David Fowler (InDev, CEO), and with the creative industry sector growing at 8.9% a year, nearly double the rate of the UK economy as a whole** there is so much potential to address these issues.


Toothbrush heads are currently not recyclable. The head consists of different types of plastic which, to be properly recycled, must be separated and usually this becomes all too time consuming to justify and as a result end up in landfill. Fully biodegradable, single use brush heads not only solve this problem but also encourages users to change them more regularly for cleaner, fresher, daily oral hygiene.

Dentii comes with a fresh aesthetic and creative brand to stand out from existing industry leaders and redefine consumers understanding of ‘eco’. As all toothbrushes, both electric and manual, go to landfill, it has been important to create a concept that can be serviced to increase lifespan and keep each product in circulation far longer than anything currently available, therefore reducing the need for unnecessary plastic production and disposal.


InDev proudly boast many strings to their bow. An in-depth strategic business plan helped Dentii to get in front of some of the top medical investors, whilst providing crucial ongoing support and guidance, including presenting to investors and gaining traction with industry professionals and potential distributors.


Creating a desirable brand is important to differentiate from other market players. Not only are the ecological goals and product aesthetics essential but working towards an grounded and resolved style to tie all aspects of a brand together and make it instantly recognisable. In the case of Dentii, this is apparent in press media, Kickstarter campaign, ecommerce website and social media channels.


The close relationship between Innovation Developments and Dentii has enabled the creation of a unique opportunity within the dental space, through both environment and consumer education.


The range is on track to be available by early 2020, with the opportunity to expand into other market spaces, increasing the size and value of the Dentii business offering, whilst reducing the number of dental products that end up in landfill.





*University of Manchester.

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